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Saint Sushi

Located in the plateau Mont-Royal area on Duluth Street, Saint-Sushi is considered to be one of Montreal’s finest sushi bars.


Venue and Service

This is yet another place you can go by without noticing, even though it’s a real gem. After we walked in and were assigned to our table, the waiter came by to welcome us. The venue itself is very small but cosy, the sunlight doesn’t penetrate the room very well but you can still see the many beautiful Asian inspired decorations covering the walls.


The tables are very close together and it dampers the intimate atmosphere created by the small room but it’s not unpleasant. Our host is quite simply adorable, as we are a bit unsure about our picks, he takes the time to advise us on the best picks on his menu and he was considerate enough to recommend the best option for both our tummies and pockets.


The service is speedy and excellent, we spent under an hour in the restaurant and walked away with a great experience. This is the perfect spot if you want a quick lunch or dinner.


This menu offers everything you would expect from a sushi bar and more: miso soups, sushi, hosomakis and makis. The “sapin de noel (French for Christmas tree) is definitely the signature piece of the house, as the description is not on the menu this is a very intriguing thing to try.


You have many combinations of this “sapin de noel” as you can add tuna, salmon, scallop or lobster! We also like the creative names to some of the makis which will probably have some of you in stitches as you will find; Bob Marley, Tupac or even Michael Jackson listed on the menu. It’s a great tribute to these legends of the music industry.


The prices are very affordable and the portions are generous. We recommend the degustation menu for two which is around $16-17 each taxes, tips and satisfaction included!

Our Picks

We opted for two degustation menus, (because 1 is not enough for a party of three unfortunately). Each menu is made of three servings:

First we have salmon sashimi served with julienned apples, served in a homemade dressing. We hang on to life and hope we will be brought to taste this dressing again, absolutely delicious. It is not heavy with oil and is very tasty.


The sweet from the apples added a touch of freshness on the sashimi, we wanted more!


The second serving, was the “sapin de noel” which is a mixture made from tuna and served on a thin rice cake.


De-li-cious and creative, it’s shaped like an upside down cone inspired by an actual Christmas tree.  The mixture with tuna will melt in your mouth and is very tasty.


The third and last serving; are the homemade makisWe choose the Michael Jackson (tempura roll mixed with tuna, salmon, shrimp, tobiko, masago, avocado, cucumber, and mushrooms all wrapped in a leaf of seaweed).


The Bob Marley (fish, tobiko, masago, tempura, yogurt, avocado, cucumber, lettuce wrapped in thin layer of rice dressed with avocado, salmon and tuna).


The Beatles (lobster, tobiko, masago, tempura, yogurt, mushrooms wrapped in a thin layer of cucumber dressed with sashimi tuna and salmon).


The Madonna (tuna, salmon, mango, spicy mayo, cucumber and avocado wrapped in a leaf of seaweed).


The makis are fresh and the flavours will implode in mouth in a way that makes you forget what they are. The makis are served with two dressings, one with spicy mayonnaise and the other is a homemade dressing. The makis are a real treat, and the portions are generous.


MA: my favorite is the Maki Beatles because of the cucumber, a bit of freshness.

OD: for me the Bob Marley had it all; the perfect match of ingredients!


FN: My favorite was the Sapin de Noël. It was as like a tuna tartar, and you know that I am crazy about tartar *insert emoji of the monkey covering eyes*, it was a tremendous explosion of flavors! As for the sushi, I was conquered by all! They each had a peculiarity that made them quite special! Delights, on delights! Saint Sushi is exceptional!

Special mention

A BIG shout-out to the entire staff who is super energetic and cordial, the smiles are there and we feel the passion they have for what they do. We are also in awe of the presentation of the sushi. It’s a perfect place for lunch after shopping on Saint-Denis or just a quick lunch if you work nearby.

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Address : 424 Duluth Est.

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