Sweet Agrikol

Haitian Rum bar situated between Beaudry and Berri-Uqam subway stations, Agrikol’s after work atmosphere is a celebration of the creole culture.


Venue and Service

The ordinary white little townhouse that hosts Agrikol can easily be mistaken for a regular residence. However, as soon as you enter the restaurant, you are immersed at once in a typical and festive Creole atmosphere. Everything there evokes Haiti: from the murals to the Kompa music, and other elements such as the family trinkets on shelves.


The atmosphere is really unique, even magical. On every table, cabbages and grated carrot salad is offered in a jar. We also underline the effort put into the authenticity of the decor especially in the table setting: flatware is arranged in recycled cans of coconut milk, a detail which adds to the Creole vision of the bar.


In order to enjoy of all this, we recommend you arrive way in advance of the opening on a regular night to be able to take advantage of this Rum Bar without doing much line up. When we arrived at 6 pm (the opening time), there was already a long queue.


Once we reached the entrance, our hostess informed us that the back terrace was already full and that the waiting time would be of at least one hour. We were then offered sits on the benches of the upstairs balcony overlooking the main dining room. The waitress who took care of us paid close attention and had a good-natured sense of humor.



Agrikol’s Menu is particular, they propose different menus for the tables depending on whether they are inside or outside. Outside, they serve grilled food (chicken, sausage, fish, etc.), and everything else is served inside. You will find typical Haitian dishes: griot, accras, plantains, oxtail and many other. You name it and it is probably on the menu. Also, the menu of alcoholic beverages is really interesting and full with “Koktels” cut for all the tastes. Koktels make the fame of Agrikol: each one is different from the other. They have few ingredients and of course have a good dose of alcohol: fruity, slightly acid or strong – all the things that we like.


We also appreciate the fact that they suggest making their cocktails alcohol-free, which deprives nothing of their magic. In term of suggestions, the good ol’ Ti Ponch which needs no introduction is on the menu, we also find other classics such as Punch Offolson and their own creations. Besides cocktails, beers and wines are also listed. The prices for cocktails are between $12 and $16 on average. On the food side, appetizers vary from $7 to $13 and around 16$ or more for a complete dish. Thus it will be necessary to plan a minimum of $25 for a small dish and an alcoholic cocktail.

Our Picks

AF: Cashew nut Chicken served with rice. YES.YES.YES. A very good meal with perfect portions – I was quite hungry at the time so I thought it was a bit small. The sauce is really earth-shattering if you love cashew nuts. The nuts were soft, I did not expect it but I got used to it.  The meal as a whole, served with rice and other condiments is perfect and balanced. For the spicy food fans, I recommend you add just a little bit of spicy sauce, it’s HOT.


MA: Punch Offolson (Orange, lime, Barbancourt and maraschino) and accras. The cocktail is strong in alcohol however, the fruity and sweet taste are still present.


The accras are warm and served with homemade white sauce. They make a perfect match with the cocktail as they soften the taste of the alcohol, they are tasty and well-seasoned. I love it.


OD: Kokonut (Appleton, passion fruit, coconut and tangerine) and a serving of accras. The kokonut (without alcohol) is really fresh and not too sweet. The passion fruit and coconut mix is really excellent. Haitian accras are different from West African ones, the taste of the beans is not as strong but with a little spicy sauce I highly recommend them. Bonus: the atmosphere at Agrikol is really golden, I basically had my accras in between two steps on the improvised dance floor next to our table.


FN: Kokonut, warm “bananes pesées” and a patty. The “bananes pesées” were not exactly what I expected. I love plantains and it’s mostly because of their sweet taste however, these were salty, but still good.


The patty was stuffed with codfish and vegetables, it’s also very good and perfect with the spicy sauce.


As for the kokonut, all that has already been mentioned above is true. It’s delicious and really fresh. Altogether it was a great discovery.



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Address : 1844 Rue Amherst

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