Mangez-Vous Français ?

Leméac is a well-known restaurant on Laurier Street with a French influence and an upscale atmosphere.


Venue and Service

The service is simple and professional. During the day, the restaurant is very bright due to the many windows and the open terrace. The decor is also very minimalist, but the high ceiling windows and uniform table and white cloth are very reminiscent of French eateries.





The brunch menu is short and classic; omelettes, poached eggs and French toasts; the very best to insure a chic and relaxed brunch experience. The sides are probably our favorites as they allow you to bring your personal touch to your order while trying new combinations. They also offer cold and warm beverages.


However, a brunch outing at Leméac can be expensive as a meal and beverage can easily cost you $30 no desserts, no side options (and we love sides, what is life without sides).

Our picks

We ALL opted for our foodie’s crush which is the Potato and leek tartlet, organic sunny side up egg, lardoons & asparagus with a smoked salmon rose as extra.


First of all, standing ovation for the smoked salmon; it’s delicate, fresh and smoked to perfection. S/o to them as we know that Leméac smokes their own salmon. The potato and leek tartlet also deserves a standing ovation, the mixture of flavours from the strong goat cheese, the leeks and the potatoes are simply explosive and A-MA-ZING!


Last but not least, you do not want to miss out on the French Toast; this picture speaks for itself, we know you want to try it!




We opted for the 10PM menu, it’s supposed to be as good as the regular one and budget friendly. For about $27 you can get an appetizer, a main course meal and tea or coffee – (dessert is optional therefore if you decide to have one you should definitely try the Lemon curd tartlet or the French toast served with milk jam ice cream & maple caramel). The menu is definitely French inspired, as they offer soups, rillettes, salads with cheese, grilled vegetables and poultry. It’s a perfect match for those of you who love French cuisine.


Our picks

MA: Panko crusted goat cheese, apple and walnut salad; warm and fruity, the goat cheese did not disappoint and was a safe bet. The sweet taste of the apples and the crusty and salty feel of the nuts really softens up the strong taste of the goat cheese.


For the main course, I had the Grilled beef hanger steak & French fries; the meat is tender, perfectly seasoned and the spicy butter makes it a home-run.  


OD: Crab cake, gribiche sauce & cucumbers. As a lover of all things seafood, I found this appetizer really good. The crab cake is crispy on the outside and moist inside (major key). The cucumbers are a great side, super fresh and a great substitute for the regular salad servings that come with most appetizers.


For the main course, I had a Duck leg confit, served with French fries. The duck was completely DRY and flavourless, worse part is that at times all I could taste was the oil. I was not impressed by the meal it felt like someone neglected that duck leg but I guess this is one of the hazards of the 10PM menu.  


AF: Grilled calamari and zucchini; at last, calamari that are not fried! The mixture of balsamic vinegar and zucchini is much unexpected but I have to admit that it was really good and healthy.


For the main course, I had the Grilled beef hanger steak & French fries. I have to say that it was too cooked for me (I asked for medium well-done and it was clearly more than that), nonetheless the meat was still tender and flavourful. The French fries and the butter were good, simple, I have no complains. My two plates were very well garnished so it was impossible for me to finish it all.


FN: Crab cake, gribiche sauce & cucumbers; the crab cake is very good, it was a first for me and I really liked it. I found that the gribiche sauce completely made this meal. For the main course, I had the Truffle oil salmon tartare with homemade fries. The tartar itself is really good, it is just missing a little bit of something sour but with a slice of lime on the side it’s delicious. The French fries have a perfect score.


The Rhubarb water is refreshing but make sure you specify which one you prefer as they also offer an alcoholic version of the drink on the menu.


Special mention

Special mention for the authenticity and the unique flavours and creativity of each meals.

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Address : 1045 Avenue Laurier O

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