Arthurs Nosh Bar

Arthurs Nosh Bar

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Arthurs Nosh Bar is one of Montreal’s new brunch destination, located in the up and coming Saint-Henri neighbourhood. In the first few months since it opened its doors, Arthurs has quickly established itself alongside the city’s most renowned brunch places.  


Venue and Service

You will have to be patient in order to eat at Arthurs on the weekends, as the waiting time is pretty long. For 4 people, we waited for around 25-30 minutes before we were shown to our table. There is actually no line up per say, you simply have to register on the list and wait to be called. There are two adorable benches in front, make yourself comfortable, it’s worth the wait. The decor inside is very understated, as black and white family portraits ornate the main dining room which gives it a very free and calm vibe. The restaurant also has a backyard, and it is where we were seated (Beware of the bees who found Arthurs’ food as yummy as we did). We chose to enjoy the last days of sunshine and we really didn’t regret it.


The service is really good, and our host was patient as we had lots of questions, since it was our first time trying Jewish cuisine. She took the time to give us a little introduction of the menu and she replied to all our questions with a smile.


The good news for all our friends that do not eat pork is that you won’t find any on this menu. Since this is a Jewish restaurant all meals are kosher.


The Menu at Arthurs Nosh Bar really gives you a wide range of options and one of our favourite extras on the menu was the beef salami. The menu offers different options depending on your liking; you can have breakfast, brunch, nosh, sandwiches, soups, salads and drinks. Our favourite section is by far the brunch and the nosh of course. We believe that the selection offered in these two categories really makes Arthurs’ success, with classics such as the homemade bagel or avocado toast, but also new creations such as the Moroccan toast and the challah French toast.


The sandwich selection is also very appealing with combinations that are all as interesting as the other. From turkey, salami or fried chicken, the sandwiches are an absolute delight. If you love seafood, you might find the options a bit limited but they do offer the popular smoked salmon bagel. Overall, the menu is very complete and the prices are really affordable, therefore, if you have a limited budget this is definitely the go-to place.


Our recommendation would be that you settle for a breakfast sandwich with a challah and butter for dessert and orange juice , this entire selection brings you to a total of $20 taxes and tips included (without the dessert it’s only $16, YAS Arthurs is great, thank us later).

Our Picks

FN: Latke smorgasbord (served with gravlax, soft scramble eggs, sour cream, caviar, cucumber and cherry tomatoes). Oh!MY!GOD! This place is my foodie’s crush of the YEAR. The explosion of flavours is unbelievable. Every bite is heavenly, between the marvelous mixture of spices, my new found love for Challah, my day-one love – salmon and the eggs it was just perfect. The beauty of this meal is that you can taste almost everything. I highly recommend it, it’s on point.


The orange juice is tremendously fresh, what more could I ask for?!


AF: Avocado Toast (crushed avocado, tomatoes, sunny-side egg and hot sauce) with French fries and a small orange juice. Very good, with the little hot sauce on the side, this avocado toast is a delight. The only downside is that it is very light so I highly recommend that you take French fries, or other extras, with it (they are really good). The orange juice is good and refreshing. PS: The salami!!!!!!


OD: Breakfast Sandwich (scrambled eggs, salami, Norwegian cheese, lettuce, mayo on challah). At first glance, this sandwich is simple and you might be tempted to skip this choice on the menu. It’s not easy on the eyes, but make no mistake this breakfast sandwich was absolutely delicious. I added avocado to the omelette and cheese folded inside and it was excellent. The Challah is definitely the key to this sandwich, it was the first time I heard of Challah and no need to say I’m a huge fan. The orange juice is fresh, the perfect morning delight.  


MA: orange mimosa with Moroccan toast (poached eggs, eggplant salad, mixed salad and yogurt on Challah bread) with extra salami and hot sauce. The mimosa was good, perfect dosage of alcohol and the homemade orange juice was on point. 

I am really a big fan of meat but I was taken aback by the vegetarian Moroccan toast. It’s pure magic, I really like eggplant salads and this one had the perfect essence and melted in your mouth. It was my first time eating challah and I was not disappointed. The yogurt blends the different flavours very well, with the hot sauce on the side it is a delight for your taste buds. The portions are generous and filling, and the salami served in a little maple sauce bring a sweet taste to the toast. Definitely my foodie’s crush for September.


All four of us shared two apple-pie-flavoured challah French toasts. In the end it tasted like a REAL apple pie on a mysteriously good bread and it was not your average apple pie!


The apple coulis was warm, sweet and melted in the challah bread – so good we do not have enough words to describe it! Crushed biscuits were sprinkled on it, which really echoed the crumble of your regular apple pie. We were enchanted by this dessert and we finished it in a record time.


FN: I cannot remember eating such a good French toast in my entire life. DE-CA-DENT, I want MORE. It was perfect.

OD: A moment of silence is required. This French toast brought me JOY, PURE JOY. The bread is soft, the apples are smooth and sweet, the crumble is crispy. A 5-star French toast.

AF: ** moment of silence**

MA: Magnificent ! I am speechless!

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