Winter is here…

Dear Food Lovers,

Winter is here … but as promised in our last editorial, winter will not stop us! We have a lot of delicious and sunny events and news coming your way for the next couple of months…!

New menu alert at Le Virunga!

The five-month-old African pearl on the Plateau Mont-Royal district is offering a brand new menu for the winter months! For the occasion, we have been invited for an exclusive tasting (named Taste of Africa) that took place on Friday, October 28th from 5PM to 8PM at the restaurant. Program of the evening: food bites, cocktails, tasting of the new menu items and networking with other bloggers and artists!


There were a lot of people for this exclusive afterwork in Zoya’s restaurant. Upon our arrival we had the time to taste some bites and cocktails graciously offered between two conversations with other guests. Throughout the evening, new menu items have been presented to us; are you ready for a delicious sneak peek?

The Kin de Bao is the new-born of the house cocktails, mixing together hibiscus (also known as bissap), coconut, ginger ale, grenadine and gin! A fresh and stimulating cocktail perfect with a starter or as an aperitif!


Now we pass on to the starter with the Velouté d’Antananarivo, a lentils soup with coconut milk, perfumed with curry and served with plantain crostini (original!). It does not get better than this, especially in this cold weather; the soup is comforting and flavourful.


And then came the main dishes! The two new stars are the Montréal-Lomé – a beef tartare with a moyo sauce (tomatoes-onions sauce) and spices, the Sikadali du Sud – a beans and sweet potato stew inspired from the classic South-African dish called chakalaka.


The famous goat stew with its cassava bread has also been served and still continues to please our papillae with its unique spicy touch!


Our favorite part was definitely the desserts: we are I-M-P-R-E-S-S-E-D!! We told you about the mikatés in our first Virunga review (in August) and how much we liked them.


Well, the chef added a twist to these famous puffs with two new versions of them! For the first round, we have lemon and ginger flavored puffs dusted with icing sugar.


And for the second round, the puffs are served with two sides; a caramel sauce with Amarulah (South-African liquor) and a bowl of grated coconut.


The thing is that you have to soak the puff in the caramel and then in the coconut before eating it. It’s definitely our favorite of the entire night! So good and sweet, a real throwback to our childhood, back to our mothers’ kitchens. You have to taste it ASAP, it’s just the perfect dessert for puffs fans.


To close the tasting, a new dessert was presented: the Bruxelles-Douala – it is diced pineapples in sauce made with caramel, lemon, Amarulah and… (Drumroll) …chili pepper! Skeptical? Don’t be!


We promise you this fruity dessert is excellent, who would have thought that sweet and spicy could make a fabulous mix? Well the ladies at Virunga won that bet!

It’s with joyful papillae and warm hearts that we left Le Virunga; we thank Zoya and her mother again for the beautiful evening and give them a big shout out for a killer menu!! You have to try it ASAP!

Birthday Turn Up at Léché Dessert

Located in the up and coming St-Henri neighbourhood, Léché Desserts is a unique coffee and doughnuts shop. OD went to visit them on October 21st for their birthday party, and here’s how she lived the experience:


“The theme colour is pink and as you walk-in the coffee shop, the open kitchen area allows you to see the beauty of this local business, It’s all about the ladies. I visited the shop twice and I was pleasantly surprised to see that ladies from different backgrounds made such a great team and served some of the most delicious doughnuts on the block.


On October 21st, they celebrated their 4th birthday with a casual flashback Friday party; the lights were dimmed, the DJ played good tunes and tacos from Frida were served. I really appreciated how welcoming the staff was (and thank you again for letting me sneak into your kitchen for pictures). To mark the special occasion, they brought back the pineapple upside down doughnut and let me tell you… IT WAS AMAZING. The cream is really light and the doughnut is covered by pineapples. It’s a MUST have for all foodies out there.”


For a coffee shop, the venue is quite large and the open kitchen really makes you feel like you are part of the process, it adds a very informal and relaxed atmosphere to it.


The doughnut list is absolutely amazing, they offer the very classic choices such as the Boston cream, the maple glaze and the lime coconut but also very special ones such as caramel maple bacon, lemon meringue and peanut butter and jam doughnuts. If you are in the mood for more, they have “goodies” such as crême brulée and if you are looking for a quick lunch you can even find meat pies on the menu.


It’s a must-try!

Return of the mythical MTL à Table

We don’t need to introduce this festival that takes place every year in November and counts a great number of Montreal restaurants. This year, MTL à Table will take place from November 3rd to November 13th 2016, and will not count less than 150 participating restaurants. Each one of them will compete in originality and taste and will propose menus at 21$, 31$ or 41$. Each meal will comprise at least a starter, a main dish and a dessert and each menu offers at least two choices in each category.

On the festival’s website you can choose an adequate restaurant depending on the price and many other options: district, bring your own bottle, vegetarian menu or late night menu, etc. This way you can select the perfect restaurant for you and/or your special event or occasion if you have one. Also MTL à Table is not only about eating exclusive menus in restaurants: there are also particular events and activities such as workshops, wine tastings, organised and themed tours, etc. Discovery lovers, this is for you!

New addition this year: some restaurants will offer a killer brunch menu for only 15$!!

Our personal targets this year are Atelier d’Argentine and the Bistro Brasserie les Soeurs Grises. Follow us on Snapchat (@coeursgourmands) if you do not want to miss our visits!

The festival website: MTL a Table

Food Trips

We have the pleasure to announce (even if we are going to miss her) that one of us has flown out to Senegal and will be there for the upcoming months. For the occasion we will soon open our innovative section on the blog: Food ‘trips! In there you will have articles on restaurants and events in other cities and countries.


Dakar will be the first city to be featured in this section and will be followed very soon by Ouagadougou and other cities in Africa and also North America. #FromMontrealToTheWorld


On that note we wish you a soft entrance in the winter season, stay warm and stay brave during these cold times.

Sunny kisses 🙂

Vos Coeurs Gourmands