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Küto is a Tartar bar located on Saint Charles Street in the Old Longueuil area and even though it opened recently, it already stands out on the culinary scene of the wider Montreal area.


Venue and service

To begin with, the decoration is rather different from other restaurants. Most have a unique decor with a signature style of decoration; that of Küto, on the contrary, could be described as “mainstream”. Indeed, the venue is very urban, with spotlights and wooden tables and chairs.


The walls bare no extravagant decorations. The venue is big and the spotlights bring a lounge-like atmosphere to the restaurant. When it comes to the service, it is very good but a little bit slow. However, take it in your stride, you will not be disappointed by the food.


We were offered two menus: the regular one which contains the tartars and tatakis, and a second one which is solely for the week specials. The specials vary and are often salads or soups with sometimes a duo of tartars.


On the regular menu, you will find salads, tatakis and tartars of tuna, beef and salmon, each with various flavors. The difference between tatakis and tartars is that the tartars are completely raw while tatakis are slightly cooked on a pan. The choices offered are not numerous; with 9 options of tartars and 3 of tatakis, but rest assured that the taste will meet all of your expectations and beyond, and the experience will be significant.


It is the type of menu that can seem small, however the choices are so interesting that you will have a hard time making up your mind. Every meal comes with an unlimited amount of oven-baked croutons – all you have to do is ask. You will also have the choice between a house salad, a soup or house chips to accompany your tartar or tataki. What did we appreciate the most at Küto?


The price, very budget-friendly for tartars. Depending on your choice, it will cost you around $20 – $25 maximum; taxes and tips included, which is outstanding, considering the average price of the tartars in the other restaurants on the main-island.

Our Picks

MA: Beef tartar Küto (Küto sauce, caramelized walnuts, rocket, parmesan cubes, red onions, pickles in dill) served with chips. The journey all the way from the Montreal was worth it! What I appreciated was the flavor of the cheese that was very pronounced and sweet at the same time because of the caramelized Grenoble walnuts. The portion was generous and the chips were good and well-seasoned, that changes from the usual French fries (even though I admit that I would have loved some French fries with my tartar). Altogether, I was satisfied with my tartar, being a fan of the good old sweet and sour, I recommend it to all amateurs of intense flavours!


FN: Special of the week duet of tartars Salmon Tex-mex (chipotle mayo, tomatoes and corn salsa, mashed black beans) and Küto accompanied with chips! I ADORED IT!! I liked both tartars, but I have to say that the beef tartar stole my heart in spite of the fact that I am a die-hard fan of salmon! The salmon tartar was very good, but in comparison to the other salmon tartars which I have had in other places, I would say, could be better! On the other hand, this beef tartar was a complete delight!! I doubted a little in the beginning because of the caramelized walnuts but the mix made the dish very tasty. I just found that there was a little too much cheese but other than that, it was one clear home run.


AF: Sesame tuna tartar (sesame oil emulsion, avocados, shallots, celery, and coriander) accompanied with a house salad. Among all the other tartars tasted, it is the best one according to me!! I would even call it “The Spring of tartars”!! The oven-baked croutons tasted like crackers, I found them to be really good!! The mix of ingredients and spices is just perfect especially when mixed to the crispiness of the croutons!! Just a tad of lemon and chili would be amazing with this dish :P. Only negative point was the absence of French fries…


OD: Mango Tuna tartar (rice vinegar and honey emulsion, mango Pico de Gallo) accompanied with house chips. The tuna tartar is a first for me. I’m amazed by the mix with the mango. It’s really fresh and the vinegar adds the perfect sour touch to the dish. On the other side, I didn’t like the chips. So I was obliged to finish up my tartar with the croutons. A side of French fries was the only missing item on the table.


Vos Coeurs Gourmands


Website: http://kuto.ca/
353 Rue Saint-Charles Ouest, Longueuil

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