Pause Douceur

A Saturday morning in Dakar,

Pause Douceur

I wander through the heart of downtown Dakar, as my first foodie adventure in Senegal takes me to the vibrant Jules Ferry Street. My purpose is simple, I am looking for the comfort of a good old brunch. Pause Douceur “The Cake Shop” can be described as your ultimate home-made cake destination.


The tea-room is bright and trendy, decorated with a mixture of antique and modern furniture. You can choose between regular tables or armchairs. The venue is very cosy and reminiscent of western tea-rooms or coffee shops. If you close your eyes, the scent of sugar will guide you to the cake counter next to the bar. The atmosphere was very upbeat as we visited on a busy morning.


The service is decent compared to most places in Dakar but the staff seemed overwhelmed at times. It’s your ideal place for a coffee/cake date, bring your special someone out for a treat and find a quiet corner to catch up.  


They have a really great selection of sandwiches such as the “Texan” with chicken stripes cheddar, sun-dried tomatoes and honey mustard. On the Salads side you have classic choices but also very unique options such as Thai and Sun Quinoa salads. Good news is, the brunch option is available everyday .You can have pancakes, eggs, chia pudding, cereal bowl, French toast and bagels among others.


The most interesting part of pause douceur is the CAKE selection; regular pound cakes, cupcakes, cheese cakes, pies, cookies, tarts and traditional oriental (Lebanese in this case) desserts, you name it they have it. I like the break in tradition, as Pause Douceur definitely steps out of the traditional French bakeries we have in Dakar.


They also offer catering services with very creative cakes for special occasions such as birthdays or baby showers.

My Picks

Brunch; Eggs Benedict with salmon on a bagel, served with potato salad and salad


I love eggs benedict, it’s a classic. I was not disappointed by this one, the whole wheat bagel was perfect, Crispy and tasty! Unfortunately out of two eggs benedict only one egg yolk was runny. I am also not a big fan of potato salads with my brunch. The smoothie is not cold. (Insert broken heart emoji, I paid 3 000 FCFA (approx. $ 6.50 CA) for a room temperature juice blend). For my part, it was an average brunch.  


Dessert ; Red velvet cake slice – I am one of those that will not stop eating until they get to the dessert section and I am glad I went for it this time. The red velvet brought me pure and utter joy. The thin layers of cake and cream are a delight #CakeBoss.  


Prices: Ouch. The meals and especially the drinks are overpriced. For eggs Benedict with a drink it will cost you around 9000 FCFA (approx. $ 19 CA), no dessert no extras. The smoothies are a flop in my humble opinion.

Little trick; forget brunch. Settle for the daily meal “lunch box” at 6500 FCFA (approx. $ 14 CA) it includes: quiche and salad, cold drink OR ice tea, slice of cake OR cookie.

We also recommend the “astuce des gourmands” which includes their great selection of cakes.


I walk away from pause douceur with a sense of having found a refreshing hung out place, a traveller’s getaway spot something that reminds me of coffee places on the Plateau. However, my craving for a good old BRUNCH has yet to be satisfied, the search continues…


Foodfully Yours,


Website:  facebook/thecakeshop.dkr
38 rue Jules Ferry (En face de La Villa Racine)
Phone : +221 33 821 26 43

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