The Battle of the Fondues

We cannot think of anything better than the comfort of a delicious chocolate fondue in the midst of winter. Although it is simple, a chocolate fondue can be presented under many shapes and forms with infinite versions depending on the type of chocolate and the different foods you can dip into your chocolate.

Who will be the winner in this first round? Let the Battles begin!

Juliette et Chocolat

The prices are generally around $10-15 for fondues. The choice of fondues is the most diverse among the 4 institutions with a wide range of propositions in the fondue category.


Spotlight on: Juliette’s great fondue! For $65 (shared with at least 4 people) you can have the ultimate mega-fondue experience, just incredible! Try it and let us know what you think using the hashtag #Thechocolatebattles. For this first round OD enjoyed the Fondue Juliette et Chocolat at $14.75 with a special bowl of s’mores for $1.75 extra. The fondue was served with an assorted mix of waffles, brownies, marshmallows, strawberries and fresh bananas.


Her impressions: “oh Juliette! Oh Chocolate! I am amazed by the thickness of the chocolate in this fondue. It is rich and with s’mores melted on top, the whole fondue is extremely good. A fondue is a sugar rush, take your time and enjoy the dipping process. Side note; the side condiments of the fondues could be more varied and less sweetened given that the chocolate of the fondue is thick and sweet enough.”


Tartine et Chocolat

The choice on the menu at Tartine et Chocolat is very diverse except for the fondues (insert sad face). The choices are not numerous; they are limited to three propositions.


You have the choice between two classic chocolate fondues and a third one with nougat!! MA decided to indulge in the Heidi Fondue (melted dark chocolate and nougat with seasonal fruits, marshmallows and waffle. Her impressions: “I liked this fondue but I regret two things: that there was not enough fondue and that it did not come with a grill to roast marshmallows to our taste.


Beyond that, everything was on point: the chocolate with praline-flavored mixture and nougat, the tenderness of waffle and the freshness of fruits. The mixture of the chocolate with the nougat could have been too sweet but the ladies at Tartine et Chocolat met the challenge brilliantly. In sum, we will be regulars at Tartine et Chocolat.”


Cacao 70

This chocolate destination offers a selection of 5 fondues all as decadent as the other. You can also opt for options to share with two or more people which contains brownies, Graham biscuits, marshmallows, waffles and fruits. It is your ideal Valentine’s Day treat (wink wink wink). The fondues at Cacao 70 have a lot in common and the chocolate options do not vary that much.


OD tried the fondue “aux trois chocolats” served with dark, white and milk chocolate accompanied by fresh fruit, brownie, and waffles. Her impressions: “I fell in love with the magic of the three chocolates. There is nothing more delicious than the rich mixture of cacao. Cacao 70’s fondue is a safe bet. The pieces of waffle are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. I vouch for this fondue, it is a home run and without à doubt my favorite of this category.”



At this chocolate destination we also deplore the lack of variety concerning fondues, as there are only 3! HOWEVER, we very very much appreciate the long list of extras that are very affordable. It will cost you between $1-$4 to personalize your fondue, add:  gelato, whip cream, brownies, etc.


For the choices of fondue you can opt for one with fruits, or the C’Chocolat with waffles, brownies, fruits and accompanied with a scoop of gelato. The third is the one that caught MA’s eye – and she could not resist the Confiserie (chocolate fondue served with Oreos, marshmallows, pretzels, caramelized bananas, chocolate marbles, rice crispies and strawberry.  Her impressions: “Truth be told, the name made for me think of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory! It was AB-SO-LU-TELY my best fondue in Montreal, add waffles to it and you have a masterpiece! It was really hard for me to finish this fondue because there were so many things going on. Unconditional lover of roasted marshmallows, I was overjoyed with my mini grill.


The chocolate had the right amount of sugar and I liked how decadent this dessert was! To make a chocolate overdose, dip the Oreos into the fondue: it is rather particular, tell us all about it with the #thechocolatebattles hashtag”


Who is the winner?

** Drum roll **

I think that here we can all agree on it:  C’Chocolat is the winner of this round. Even if the variety of proposed fondue is limited, the numerous extras of the fondue allow you to enjoy the many versions of it. In sum, out of the 4 contestants, The Confiserie of C’Chocolat wins easily in term of taste and presentation. However, we must say it was quite hard to choose between C’Chocolat and Cacao 70 as both propose a very flavourful and perfectly sweet fondue, not forgetting that the portion size is also very significant.

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