Yes! You can devour a savory dish in a chocolate bar too! Indeed, for those who are not into sweets, it’s a good bet for a quick meal; and for sweets’ fans, you can indulge in a complete meal without having to change restaurants. Also, the savory dishes served in chocolate parlors have nothing to envy, in terms of taste and creativity, to traditional restaurants.

C’Chocolat won the first battle … but not the war! Will they keep the crown or will they be dismissed? You’ll find out in this article!

Juliette et Chocolat

The variety of savory dishes offered here is very wide! You will have the choice between buckwheat crepes stuffed with virtually everything that you could think of: chicken, cold cuts, vegetarian, cheese, etc. You name it, you have it. Also, all the crepes come accompanied by a homemade salad. You will also find a long list of sandwiches and homemade salads! Prices for a savory dish are around $ 12- $ 16. During our visit, MA chose to taste the buckwheat crepe called La Forestière (mushrooms, gruyere, ham or turkey, homemade béchamel sauce accompanied by a homemade salad), and here is what she thought: “The portion is not small; I received a huge crepe and a big bowl of salad. For large stomachs, this is made for you. In terms of taste, the galette is good, but not special. I regret the absence of spices and I could not quite feel the creamy béchamel sauce, which made the whole thing a bit dry. On the other side, the salad is fresh and the vinaigrette is excellent!


Tartine et Chocolat

The restaurant is one of the unique restaurants that offer a wide selection of salty waffle!!! We were just amazed! Also, the list of salty crepes is long and very tempting. Many homemade sandwiches and salads are also available. What we applaud is the very wide variety of choices, and this, in each category of salty dish. Then everything looks appetizing! In terms of price, for a salty dish, the cost usually varies around $ 12- $ 15. So, we allowed ourselves to touch a bit of everything to live the full experience!


MA: New York Crepe (wheat crepe filled with roast beef, melted leek, cheese, tomatoes, red onions, pepper, and béchamel sauce) served with mesclun salad and homemade vinaigrette. “My only question is: how could I have lived without knowing this place? The crepe is delicious in every sense of the term, but I am less a fan of the big chunks of tomato inside the crepe. The melted leek is always a winning combination with the cheese in general and the crepe is not an exception. On the other hand, for my spice-loving friends, this crepe is not for you because it is soft on the tongue. If you like spicy, Casablanca is the best choice on the list. Very special mention for the homemade vinaigrette, which is made of balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. I’m conquered “


FN: Scandinavian crepe (wheat crepe stuffed with smoked salmon, Dijon sauce, red onions, capers, lemon, sour cream) served with mesclun salad and homemade vinaigrette. “The only thing missing from this crepe is the béchamel sauce; nevertheless, you can order some as an extra (**happy dance**). This crepe is all kinds of wonderful; the salmon is smoked to perfection, the capers and onions bring up the taste, not to forget the lemon – I love me some lemon on my salmon :D. This was a definite foodie crush.


OD: Brussels waffle with smoked salmon (smoked salmon, Dijon sauce, capers, lemon, dill). “The Brussels waffle from Tartine & Chocolat is a real delight. It’s the perfect waffle per me; soft inside and crunchy outside. Soft and crunchy, in that order it is very important. With the smoked salmon and the Dijon sauce it is feast. It is my favorite salty waffle to date.


AF: Chicken and goat cheese salad (garden salad, grilled chicken breast, goat cheese, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette). “This salad is simply amazing: it’s simple and very good. The flavors perfectly balanced between sweet, the salty, and all the other ingredients. It’s the perfect healthy choice! Only downsides are that it’s quite a small serving and there was not enough dressing, for me. I would not recommend that choice to hungry people or the ones with a big appetite.


Cacao 70

At Cacao 70, before 4pm you have a brunch menu full of surprises: frittatas, omelets, waffles, etc. It is rather garnished and very appetizing: our favorite meal is the Open Face (grilled chicken with mayonnaise, parsley, and herbs with two mirror eggs on a toasted brown bread, all served with potatoes and fresh fruit). #BOMB!! In terms of brunch it is difficult to do better than that.


Let us know your impressions with the hashtag #thechocolatebattles. The salty card features sandwiches, crepes (including the delicious house crepe filled with grilled chicken and spinach, our favorite!), and salads. The options are less numerous compared to the competition but still decent, so prices range from $ 8 to $ 14 which give you a better option if you’re on a budget. For this round, OD chose a chicken sandwich before enjoying her fondue, her impressions: “I adore the filing of this chicken sandwich .The herbs in the marinade of the chicken are magnificent. The whole is very simple but good.


FN loves the grilled tuna sandwich which she eats almost every time she goes there. It is an excellent option for those who want a small salty meal to open their appetite before the big dessert.


This is the only place where you can eat panini style crepes or even crepes inspired by traditional oriental dishes such as shish-taouk or even shawarma!! We applaud the great variety and diversity of flavors in the menu! The choice is VERY large. If you are an undecided person, do not go to C’Chocolat; there are too many choices! In addition, there are plenty of extras at small prices to add to your dish as you will. Each of us tasted a salty dish; let us tell you more:

MA: crepe L’Atlantique (crepe stuffed with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and red onions): “For those who do not like taking risks, I recommend this classic: Cream Cheese brings key Freshness and the smoked salmon is of an excellent quality. In addition, with the sour taste of capers, it’s a jackpot combination. Trying this dish is adopting it!


FN: C’Habibi Grilled Sandwich (panini style crêpe with shawarma beef, tomatoes, hummus, onions, Tahini sauce and gherkins) – C’Shawarma crepe (crepe filled with shawarma slices, covered with garlic sauce, garnished with fresh tomatoes, and accompanied by a green salad with house vinaigrette).


The only thing worth saying about these two dishes is that YOU MUST TRY THEM. I have a humongous crush on the C’Shawarma and on the days that I have a smaller appetite, I choose the C’habibi. The spices are perfect, the taste is amazing. I could go on and on about these two but remember just this one thing: TRY THEM!!!”


Od: Grilled Arabian Noon sandwich (panini style crepe topped with shish taouk, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, and garlic sauce). “I am disappointed by this grilled sandwich, in reality it is just chicken breast with far too much garlic sauce.”


AF: Grilled C’Melt sandwich (panini style crepe topped with white tuna, Swiss cheese, onions, black olives, chives, aioli house lemon sauce, spicy and flavored with tarragon). “This panini is extremely good: you could potentially try to imagine all the flavors by reading the description, but let’s be honest, you can’t, even I didn’t know what all of that was (you’ll have to try it). It’s more of a snack than a diner, but it’s perfect to be able to eat a desert.

So … who won this second round?


We think that we have a tie between C’Chocolat and Tartine et Chocolat. Champions in terms of variety of choice but also of taste; the salty dishes served are the tastiest but also the most original. The portions are big and allow you to fill your stomach and make the experience last. Special mention however to Tartine et Chocolat with choices of salted waffles, cruelly absent in the chocolate bars of Montreal.

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