Battle of the Crepes

Thick or fine, crepes are a classic dessert, dear to the heart of all (in our humble opinion). Who could resist the charm of a warm Nutella crepe, caressing your palate, especially in winter time?

We continue our chocolate battles by comparing the different crepes served in our four establishments! Will C’Chocolat and Tartine et Chocolat be caught up? More here!

Juliette et Chocolat

True to its reputation as a chocolate institution in Montreal, Juliette et Chocolat does not cease to amaze us in the crepes menu. Even though there are less choices than on the competitors’ menus, the different options of thin crepes are significant! Prices are around $12- $13 on average. Here FN was our taster with the Crepe L’Écureuil (one of Juliette’s favorite: Nutella, hazelnut ice cream, house meringues and whipped cream). “I found this crepe very good; it was simple and refreshing thanks to the ice cream. The plate’s set-up is very enticing; it’s a treat both for the eyes and the taste buds.


Tartine et Chocolat

The ladies at Tartine et Chocolat put together a crepe menu that is bold and beautiful. The options are rather classical, we could feel less audacity than in the other sections of the menu. If you love a conventional and simple sweet treat, make no mistake Tartine et Chocolat is for you. With moderate prices, around $ 12 and big portions! Bonus: the waffles and crepes are interchangeable, so you can choose a waffle and ask for the waffle to be replaced by a crepe. OD tested it for us with Désir Chocolat which is originally a waffle that she replaced with a crepe (three chocolates, almonds, strawberries, whipped cream). “This crêpe is a masterpiece. The fresh strawberries and crunchy almonds on top of the crepe perfectly compliment the delicate three chocolate spread inside. It’s a light dessert yet it will fully satisfy your sugar cravings.


Cacao 70

So here, the number of choices is quite limited; with less than 10 choices of crepes on the menu. This is the most classic section of the Cacao 70 menu. Prices are quite low, around $12. The portion is medium-sized, so if you have a big appetite, you will certainly need two servings to satisfy you (or otherwise take a salty meal beforehand). MA chose to try the crepe that stood out the most, the Crêpe Suzette, a French classic that caught her eye (thin French crepe stuffed with orange peel honey served with vanilla ice cream, Orange zest sauce and Grand Marnier): “For those who like get away from conventional paths, I recommend this crepe. It is very sweet and a bit sour because of the honey and the orange, so make sure your glass of water is full! What I appreciate most about this crepe is the strong taste of the Grand Marnier which makes it possible to soften a bit the sour side. The vanilla ice cream is too much for me, but overall this crepe is delicious.”



In terms of originality, it is difficult to do better than the crepes at C’Chocolat. The options are not very numerous compared to the other sections. Also, do not neglect the list of extras that will allow you to create the most delicious crepe ever! Prices are around $13 in general and portions are quite large. MA and FN having paid two visits to C’Chocolat, had the opportunity to test two crepes for you!

MA: The crepe named after Snow White; Blanche Neige (crepe topped with white chocolate, red berries, and macadamia nuts). “I am starting to like white chocolate thanks to this crepe; I must admit that I ordered it by pure gluttony, my stomach was already full, but I have no regrets whatsoever! The crepe is warm and it melts on the tongue. The red berries bring a balance to the meal thanks to their freshness and their sour taste. If you are not into sugar, I would not recommend it to you, but for all my chocolate lovers: go for it! As for the macadamia nuts, they are just the icing on the cake. This crepe is a real princess.


FN: Baluchon Surprise (Brownies, gelato with vanilla and walnuts hidden in an attached crepe shaped backpack, topped with strawberries and chocolate). “The magic of this dessert is in the presentation. It’s genius; the opening of the bindle brought out the kid in me and I was more excited about the ‘surprise’ that the actual food. The crepe is good but not exceptional, yet the experience will be worth your while.


Who will be the king of crepes?

** Drum roll **

Another battle won by C’Chocolat. Why them? Well because for starters, the portions are large but mainly because the crepes are original and unique! In terms of taste, Tartine et Chocolat is a definite contender, but more for people who prefer conventional crepes.


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