Battle of the Waffles

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We chose the waffles battle to close this up, not only because they are one of the best creations in gastronomy, but also because they are very dear to our heart. They are also the very basis of our love for food. At the end of this article, we will reveal the name of the winner of the Chocolate Battles!

Juliette et Chocolat

Madame Juliette is not very well known for her waffles, rightly or wrongly? Well the waffles served at Juliette et Chocolat are Liège waffles, hard and very different from the classic Brussels ones that are soft. In terms of choice, as for crepes, the options are not very numerous, but we could note an effort in terms of creativity. Price wise, the waffles cost around $12, which is not bad! MA chose to try the waffle Complètement Banane (one of Juliette’s favorites – 2 Liège waffles surmounted by caramelized bananas, crunchy hazelnuts and sprinkled with homemade salted caramel, all accompanied by vanilla ice cream and whipped cream): “Easily one of my best finds at Juliette et Chocolat. I personally don’t like eating waffles without melted chocolate on top of it, and I’m not a big fan of caramelized bananas either but, Juliette has done it!


The dessert is hot, and the alliance of the different elements is well-crafted. The waffles have the right dose of sugar, the caramel and the bananas make a duo that could not be more perfect. The whipped cream makes it possible to coordinate everything and gives a delicious result without being too sweet. The ice cream is maybe too much in my humble opinion; you are so focused on the waffles that you forget the ice cream (which melts ). If you’re a sweets-lover but do not necessarily like chocolate, this dessert is for you. “

Tartine et Chocolat

Originality and variety are the key words to describe the sweet waffles section of Tartine et Chocolat’s menu. While there are plenty of classic options, some of the other choices are quite unique. The portions are large and the taste is wonderful! Prices for a waffle are around $12, or even less for the simplest choices. You can also choose between Brussels or Liege waffles which is a bonus for Tartine et Chocolat. AF and FN share their impressions on the waffles they chose:

FN: La Bruxelloise S’mores (dark chocolate, caramel, marshmallows, broken graham biscuits with cream whipped cream). “The waffle was good, but I found that there were far too many marshmallows and they were not melted L. There were also too many broken Graham biscuits. I was disappointed by this waffle; even though the waffle in itself was very good.”


AF: La bruxelloise choco-citron (white chocolate, lemon, sugar with whipped cream). “Ladies and gentlemen, for all of you who have been looking for the waffle version of the sugar and lemon crêpe, behold! This waffle is simply good; not too sweet, I think it lacks a little bit lemon to my taste. Quite light, it’s a perfect dessert after dinner


Cacao 70

Before we start, we would like to talk about the After-Party waffle, which is on the brunch menu, so only available before 4pm. The After-Party is a classic waffle with fresh strawberries, white chocolate, homemade red fruit sauce, whipped cream, white chocolate chips and chocolate-coated cereals. Already, just let us tell you it’s just a REAL DELIGHT!!!! Generous portion + quality + taste = 10/10!! It is very well named. Let’s get back to the point.


The normal menu features waffle section with fewer than 7 choices of waffles. Each waffle is unique, from the banana split to the black and white waffle, each has its own signature and unique taste. They serve Brussels waffles that are soft and warm. You also have the option of having the Cacao 70 waffle (closer to the Liège waffle), for an extra fee. The average price of a waffle is $13 and the serving is just huge. Here, FN has chosen a Choco-Noisette waffle (classic waffle covered with whipped cream, crushed hazelnuts, and vanilla ice cream, served with fresh strawberries, caramelized bananas, and milk chocolate), here are her impressions: “I do not even know if it is necessary that I pronounce myself on this waffle. It is a classic! I almost always take the Choco-Noisette when I go to Cacao 70. The waffles themselves are delicious, hot, and soft as one pleases. The chocolate is perfect. The Fruits are perfect. Honestly, I repeat, it is a classic.”



The restaurant has nothing to envy to its competitors with a very enticing choice of waffles. Just like Juliette et Chocolat, they serve Liège waffles that are just as good. Here too, the list of extras allows you to customize your experience. The prices are around $12 and the portions are moderate. OD and AF tasted two of them:

OD:  Liège Waffle Les Plaisirs Simples (with Nutella). “Life is simpler with Nutella! This waffle is classic, it is not my favorite of this battle but it deserves a little merit. The quantity of Nutella is generous and I LOVED it.


AF: Classic sweet waffle (Liège waffle, diced almonds with melted milk chocolate and whipped cream) “I chose to go for a simple and relatively light option.  This classic cannot go wrong, but it doesn’t really stand out. The almonds add a nice little something, very nice!


Winner of the last battle:

** Drum roll **

And the winner is Cacao 70! Although Tartine et Chocolat has had great chances due to the variety of waffles offered, it is difficult to do better than Cacao 70 in terms of taste. The texture of the waffle is perfect and the creations are unique, making Cacao 70 famous in Montreal.


Based on the different rounds, we can decree that the winner is C’Chocolat, dominating in terms of fondue and sweet crepes. They are followed closely by Tartine et Chocolat, which would certainly have won if the fondue section were to be more developed. However, it is pretentious to say that C’Chocolat is perfect in every way. Some sections, such as waffles, are clearly underdeveloped at C’Chocolat but booming at Tartine et Chocolat. We compared the 4 establishments on 4 criteria but, we wish to point out that other desserts, such as ice creams, sundaes, milkshakes, or breathtaking homemade desserts, are available in all 4 establishments. Feel free to use the #thechocolatebattles hashtag to let us know how you enjoy the chocolate experience.

See you soon for a new battle!

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