Christmas Cupcake Workshop

Christmas in Dakar…

Let’s make cupcakes

As we gear up for Christmas Eve celebrations, we met up with two of our favorite food bloggers in Dakar for a little cupcake workshop.

“Little Things Dakar” is owned by Ndagou Ndiaye, she makes homemade cupcakes for all sorts of occasions including birthdays and valentine’s day. She takes the lead in this workshop as we are all keen to learn a few tricks or two on how to make the perfect cupcake for this holiday season.


We were also joined by Karelle Vignon-Vullierme, owner of the renowned blog “Les Gourmandises de Karelle” she has broken the internet with her mouthwatering recipes and amazing restaurant reviews. She’s a culinary content creator and never ceases to amaze us.


In this new but exciting chapter of Nos Coeurs Gourmands we take you behind the scenes and into the fun process of recipe making.

For about 16 cupcakes you will need;


Ingredients Cupcakes

4 eggs
180g of flour
150g of sugar
1 tablespoon of baking powder

**No butter (you can choose to add some, however in this recipe we’ve followed Ndagou’s lead with the light version of cupcakes).

Ingredients for icing

200g of dark chocolate
100 g of white chocolate
400 ml of whipping cream
Icing Sugar
Sprinkles (we choose red, green, and other colors in the Christmas theme)

The Cupcakes

Before starting the dough, warm your oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

Step One

In a bowl; mix eggs and sugar until mixture perfectly smooth and creamy. Add a bit of vanilla extract.


Step Two

Mix flour and baking powder and then add all to the step-one mix.


Step Three

Melt 100g of chocolate in the microwave or using the bain-marie method. In a second bowl add half of your cupcake dough and once your chocolate is melted poor it in and mix slowly until the dough is brown.


Step Four

Place the vanilla and chocolate doughs in the cupcake holder and set your timer to 15 mins. Once your cupcakes are cooked let them cool down at room temperature.


The Icing Sugar and Decorations

Step One

Add Icing sugar to your liking in the whipping cream and beat it into snow. Once you have the final result separate your whipping cream into two of more bowls depending on how many different types of icing you want.


Step Two

Melt your remaining 100g of chocolate and add it into one bowl of whipping cream. There you have you first chocolate icing and you can decorate your cupcakes as you wish. We also melted the white chocolate to add it to a part of the icing. Make sure you let the chocolate cool down a little to avoid making your icing runny.


Step Three

To obtain green or red icing, add food colorant to you whipping cream in another bowl.



The one thing we love about cooking is the endless possibilities of combinations you can come up with. Don’t be shy especially when it comes to decorations, we had no guidelines for the toppings.  You can make chocolate decorations by pouring some of your melted chocolate into frames and letting it rest in your freezer for 1 hour.


You can also make your own cookie dough and use Christmas-themed cookie-cutters to make decorative cookies.


Last but not least, you can use sugar gum paste for more decoration :D. Like we said, there are endless possibilities; just use your creativity.





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