Buck15 Espresso Bar


Have you seen one of the trendiest spots on Notre-Dame? Buck15 is a quiet and small coffee shop just a step from the subway Lionel-Groulx, and since its opening, it does not stop surprising its customers.

For us Buck15 is the ideal place for a quick breakfast before work or school, a snack in the middle of the afternoon or even a relaxed venue for a small meeting.


The place is a real mixture between the tranquillity of a neighborhood coffee shop and a vibe from the Caribbean! The decoration allies wood and white, which results in a very quiet atmosphere. The minimalist decoration and the small size of the venue are totally in contrast with the music reggae which resonates quite slowly in the room. When you enter the coffee shop believe us, you will feel completely isolated from the busyness of the outside world.

The menu of Buck15 is rather simple in terms of beverages with classic teas, coffees, hot chocolate and lemonade! However it offers a variety of dishes which are original and tasty!! It will be very hard for you to make up your mind because: everything is good, everything is healthy and very well presented. The coffee shop proposes all the great things to begin your day: toasts, sweet foods or salted, fruits, grilled cheese, bagel, porridge, etc. If you like breakfast, you will love Buck15! The prices vary between $8-14$, and also note that the payment is made only in cash or by credit card: come prepared!


Our Foodies crush is definitely the Avo Yo Toast: this toast is just supernatural. Healthy and satisfying: everything we wished for. You have a large slice of toasted bread with crushed avocados and strewed of dukkah (mixture of crushed walnuts, herbs and spices). The whole is decorated with a soft egg with a running yolk sprinkled with a dash of olive oil. Add an espresso to the mix or blended juice and you have the good energy and the good mood to begin the day!


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Website: http://buck15espressobar.com/
3027 Rue Notre-Dame West

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