Mandy’s Salads

Mandy’s Salads

To all our healthy food aficionados Mandy is specially made for you! With branches located on Crescent street downtown Montréal, on Sherbrooke West in the Westmount area and near the Laurier metro, Mandy’s is a safe bet.


Mandy’s is a healthy bar that offers salads and soups, ideal for a quick lunch between colleagues or even to have a take-out meal to stay on your healthy eating routine. I went to the Mandy’s located on Crescent St for an impromptu meal. (ps: it is also possible to order online). I liked the atmosphere of the venue, very bright with its big window opened on the busy Crescent Street and the background noise makes the venue lively and friendly.

Note that there is not a lot of space and that it is not convenient for people who wish to have an intimate meal as you have to share tables with others.


Now onto the meal, Mandy’s serves soups and salads, the particularity here is that you can create your own salad or your soup! You choose your base (lettuce, carrots, cabbage for example), your vegetables or grains (quinoa, brown rice) and proteins. On top you can add fruits, cheese and dressings to have a unique salad. You have a great variety of options. The same can be said about Mandy’s menu when it comes to soups, you choose your basic broth, herbs, proteins, vegetables and extras (noodles ramen, brown rice, quinoa, matzah). For those of you in a hurry or for those who want a classic, the house proposes salads and soups already assembled. Price wise, Mandy’s is above your average health bar. The least expensive salad is approximately $11.50 taxes and tips included and that can go higher if you create your own salad or soup. However, portions are generous and it’s enough for a great meal.

Ps: they sell delicious salad dressings


It was the first time I tested the salad called Asian, it contained romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, crunchy noodles, green vegetables, avocado, tangerine, nicks worn and roasted sesame seeds, the whole was sprinkled with the Asian sesame salad dressing. I absolutely adored.


I am not a big fan of the vegetarian meals but with this dish, I can say that it was a pleasure. In my opinion, there are two ingredients which for me make the beauty of this salad; the tangerine and the salad dressing which is excellent thanks to the pronounced taste of the sesame. And the salad dressing does not contain much fat contrary to what we could think: it is healthy and delicious!


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