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Le Poké Bar

Poké Bar is certainly one of the healthiest addresses on Crescent St near Concordia University.


The restaurant describes itself as bringing a taste of The Hawaiian Islands to Montreal. As this cuisine is not well known to the general public, let us explain: Poké is a traditional Hawaiian salad with seasoned raw fish of sea salt, seaweeds, bancuol (walnut) crushed and watered with salty sauce. Traditionally, they were eaten by fishermen but in modern times and under the influence of Southeast Asia it has diversified. Nowadays, in a typical Poké you can find very healthy ingredients such as wipe soya, wasabi and teriyaki.


To begin with, the venue is decorated in a very simple blue. Wooden tables are placed in a very informal way which recreates an atmosphere similar to that of à tropical destination. Heads up: If you decide to visit during lunch hour, expect at least a 10 min queue.


At the Poké Bar, you have the opportunity to create your own poké regardless of the fact that you eat on location or take it to go. They are served in beautiful bowls and we welcome it as it changes from the white plastic served in most places.

There are four stages in order to create a Poké.
The first stage is to choose your base: rice (white or brown) or salad for example.
Then you have the choice between various proteins: salmon, tuna, shrimps, chicken, etc.  Besides the shrimps all the seafood options are raw.
The third stage is the choice of your vegetables for your portion of vitamins and minerals: avocados, corn, carrots, etc. there is for all the tastes and for all the colors.
Finally the last stage of creation is to choose your sauce to add some flavor to your poké. With all this you can create a bowl not only healthy but also very beautiful and colored.


TIP: If you go there for your first time, I recommend you to opt for one of the delicious creations of the house (among 6), you will have the choice of your base and sauce! Also note that fresh smoothies and homemade juices are available. A great Poké will cost you around $15-16.

I enjoyed the Maui salad: salmon, mango, avocado, onions and lettuce. I choose brown rice as the base with a homemade sauce. If there is something that I really appreciated it is the quality and the freshness of products. It is a little under-seasoned for me but with a little salt and pepper (and hot Cayenne pepper for amateurs) the Maui poké is a very good lunch after a workout session and quantities are generous!


Special mention: for the brilliant service, managers Denis and Alain were adorable! You will not regret this Hawaiian stopover in Montréal!

Vos Cœurs Gourmands


Website: http://lepokebar.com/
2153 Rue Crescent

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