Venice Montréal

Venice Montréal

Located in the heart of Montreal’s Old port on the quiet and Saint-Francois-Xavier, Venice Montreal is a local restaurant that offers a healthy menu and that is inspired by the picturesque seaside of the Californian coast.

Venue and Service

Everything here evokes the beautiful Golden State seaside, as soon as you walk in, you are immersed in a place that could be a surf shop on Venice Beach or a casual restaurant in Orange County.


The walls are decorated with surfboards, skateboards and pictures that remind you of warm Californian summer days. The wooden tables are dressed with minimal decoration just a silverware holder, a bottle and glasses. The bar area is huge and can accommodate several people for drinks or lunch. The service is really good, we were shown to our table as soon as we arrived, it was rush hour and they clearly understood that, as we received our food under 15 minutes and spent less than an hour in the restaurant (great when it’s your lunch break).



First and foremost, Venice Montreal prizes itself for being the destination for clean and healthy eating. Their drinks menu is really interesting and composed of classics such as spinach, kale, banana and green tea smoothies, of the famous Acai bowl with bananas, chia, coconut and granola.


You can also find a diverse and fun list of salads, toasts, soups and tacos on the menu but the most exciting part must be the section with the pokés. What is a poké you may ask?


Pronounced “Poh-key”, it originates from Hawaii where raw fish is eaten in a bowl with rice, hence why the taste is similar to that of a sushi. Venice Montreal offers a great selection of pokés with tuna, salmon, shrimp and vegetarian choices. If you are in the mood to share a little something with a friend, they have hummus and guacamole served with tortillas. The most noticeable downside is the fact that they don’t do extras or add-ons. (WE LIVE FOR EXTRAS, IT’S IMPORTANT).


Last but not least, the prices (insert sad face) are way over the average, Venice Montreal is a charming restaurant, food is delicious and service is cordial but the prices are not affordable for your average Joe (Unless you choose a single item on the menu). For a soup and tacos you can expect to pay around $26 (taxes and tips included) no drinks, no dessert.

There is a flat-rate for cocktails $11, for all the options on the menu. If it can be of any consolation, the portions are generous especially for the soups.

Nos choix

OD: Butternut squash, coconut, ginger and curcuma soup with pollo tacos. Our visit was on a rainy Thursday afternoon and this butternut squash soup really warmed up my heart, it’s the perfect starter or just meal if you need comfort food.


The coconut taste is understated but present, I loved how the ginger and curcuma complimented each other. The chicken tacos were on point, super spicy with a generous serving of avocado. Overall I really enjoyed this duo, if you happen to take your soup home like I did, warm up a piece of naan bread… it’s off the healthy menu but worthwhile.


AF: Salmon Poké (salmon, rice, edamame and tobiko)


FN: avocado toast, poached egg, sea salt, coriander and aneth. The Toast was good but definitely not for me! I wanted extras (i.e. salmon) but couldn’t have any and it was quite deceiving!


Nevertheless, I cheered myself up with my delicious drink and a salmon poké bowl that I took to go. My pocket suffered from the trip to Venice though … it was quite an expensive lunch!



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