Aux îles à Sucre

Aux îles à Sucre

This new Creole restaurant on Plateau Mont-Royal, “Aux Îles à Sucre” can be described as a snack bar specialised in Caribbean kitchen. Located 15mins from the Mount- Royal and Frontenac stations it is ideally placed.


Venue and Service

The venue is rather particular. Although the wood and warm tones dominate the decor, and provide a sense of warmth, the mixture between the dinner tables and the shelves filled with articles and condiments to be sold make it a very special venue.


Everything in this venue is reminiscent of the Caribbean: the music, the photos on walls and the afro-Caribbean decoration items. We simply felt really at ease there. When you arrive, you can either settle down or go to the counter to place your order. Given that it is a snack, you can see and ask for the daily specials available.


The service is courteous and very warm, the lady at the counter was very patient with us, and we hesitated a lot before making our choice. Special mention for the service.

PS: the restaurant offers catering services.



On that side, no surprise since all the dishes offered are typical Caribbean. Chicken Callaloo, griot of pork, Colombo, fried fish, shrimps, etc. If you are a fan of West Indian kitchen, you will become a regular at this place. It is necessary to note a peculiarity of the menu: certain options are not available every day. The lambi is only available on Fridays, the goat with white wine is available on Wednesdays and Fridays and the beef Callaloo on Mondays.


A selection of sandwiches is offered, the famous bokit a Guadeloupian sandwich (fried in sunflower oil). They also have starters and home-made beverages: fruit juice, hibiscus, cinnamon. Those who have à sweet tooth will not be disappointed by the dessert menu, it’s short but mouth-watering.

Price wise, our wallets are in good shape after a trip to Aux Îles à Sucre, dishes are generally around $12-13, sandwiches around $7 and drinks and desserts around $5.


Little Trick: Order a chicken sandwich, with a fruit juice and a slice of lemon cake it will cost you $19.5 in total taxes and tip included.

Our Choices

MA: spicy cod fish cakes; it’s not a drill these cod fish cakes are very spicy. Thus if you do not like hot peppers or the spices don’t order them. On the other hand if you are a fan of pepper, you will love them! It is the ideal Créole starter. The accras were delicious and the best that I had to date in Montréal. They are big and tasty just as it should be.


Foodies Crush -the goat tassot accompanied with rice sticks, salad and “banane pesée”, with passion fruit juice. The passion fruit juice is a delight, cool and sweet. The goat tassot was very good, the only negative point for me is that I found the rice a little bit dry. Beyond that, you can actually share the dish, as the portion is generous.


FN: Mackerel sandwich with corossol juice. The sandwich was AMAZING. Very spicy but very delicious!! The corossol juice GAVE ME LIFE! This place is definitely a must try! But watch out for the spicy stuff, it’s not a joke!


Vos Cœurs Gourmands


2222 Mont-Royal East

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