Régine Café

Régine Café


Venue and Service

This was a pleasant experience from the very beginning. As you start your lineup, you are offered infused water with mint and citrus fruits. A waiter comes out from time to time and offers clients a bite, we had toasted brioche with cinnamon. In winter, they have a similar set-up with warm beverages for customers. Suffer no more brunch lovers, the line-up at Régine is the best! (We waited in line for about 30 minutes).


As we walked in the venue, we were mesmerized by the elegant decoration. A moment of silence was required, it is retro-vintage chic!  It is retro-vintage from A to Z : armchairs have velvet fabric, the room is surrounded by heavy and long curtains, the mirrors have silver polished borders and the grey walls make us dive into the trendy and retro atmosphere. The service is fast and effective, not exceptional but satisfactory and professional.

The waiting time for the dishes is not very long. Even though the small venue can get a little crowded, it’s perfect for a brunch between friends.



The options on the brunch menu are not numerous but interesting enough to make it difficult to pick one. The dishes are very refined however most of them contain pork so your appreciation for the menu will depend on whether or not you eat pork. Drinks include the classics such as: freshly squeezed fruit juice, lemonade, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Concerning the menu, we were captivated!


Every dish is attractive in its own way. Let’s take the “Mish Mash” for example, the omelette is changes every day and comes with seasonal vegetables and local cheese. For those of you who prefer sweet dishes, there is the “Un peu de tout” which is a tray of various pastries and spreads. The brunch has a moderate price here: for a maximum of $40 taxes and tips included you can have a dish, a cold drink, a hot drink and a dessert for two.


For the brunch lovers on a budget we recommend you share the Mish Mash and opt for a coffee and orange juice for a delicious brunch for $15 each, taxes and tips included.

Our Choices

After we were seated, we were served the breakfast shooter of the day with pineapple, ginger and carrot. The mixture is particular, you can taste every ingredient in the shooter and they blend well together.


MA: Coffee, lemonade with cucumber and mint was absolutely great! Slightly acid but sweet and particularly refreshing because of the mint and the cucumber. A summer favorite, and it is served in a very long glass! Meal: Sucré-Salé – brioche bread, ham frays, fried egg, watercress, strawberries and cream. The sweet cream touch is simple and goes well with the name. The sweet and the salty blend in well as the ham fray is non greasy and soft, and the cheese cheddar is sprinkled on top! It’s a marvelous choice for brunch!


FN: Croissant Chic – French croissant served with scrambled eggs, Old Cheddar, Spinach sauce with an extra of smoked trout. [The dish is normally served with some ham fray]. The cheddar cheese and the béchamel spinach sauce are spread on top of the croissant. The dish is accompanied with potatoes and with a bowl of seasonal fruits.


I really liked it but I didn’t finish the trout – let’s face it, it’s not salmon L but I appreciate the fact that they tried to accommodate the fact that I don’t eat pork. I really like Régine but I think I am running out of things I can order on the menu, so I’m not sure I will be going back there! Nevertheless, I definitely recommend it to you, if you do eat pork! The food is really delicious!


At the end we shared a dessert. The dish is made of brioche bread, mascarpone cream, strawberries, walnut and pink pepper. It was smooth, light and excellent. The slightly sour strawberries blends in well with the crispy of walnuts and the sweetness of the brioche.


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Website: http://www.reginecafe.ca/fr/
1840 Rue Beaubien E

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