Melo Bakery

A Saturday morning in Dakar,

At Melo Bakery

We love new discoveries and Melo really captured our hearts. I love pastries and this unique bakery brings together the finest bread and pastries from all over the globe. From refined French pastries and cakes to delicious warm German bread and tasty American doughnuts.


I visited Melo’s new location three times in the last months, once in the early morning on opening day (yes I am that kind of foodie) and twice on Sunday for brunch. The venue is located right across the Mamelles lighthouse and the decor is absolutely charming. As you walk in the relatively small entrance, you are greeted by the beautiful sight of fresh bread and the captivating smell of sugar.


I am very fond of the furniture, it is a great mix of modern and antique chairs and sofas arranged in four little groups. Again it is very reminiscent of western tearooms and coffee shops as the atmosphere is so relax that you could spend hours there eating and chatting away. They offer regular bread, baguettes, bagels, croissants and muffins alongside a wide variety of French, German and American pastries.


I commend the kind and professional service we received from the manager at Melo’s Mamelle branch, she’s on top of it all! Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the waitresses, there is still some work to be done in terms of training. If you are planning to go there with a large group come armed with patience!  They open from 6.30 AM to 7.30PM, Tuesday to Sunday.


We picked the “Formule anglais” it comes with an English muffin, eggs, cheese and cold cuts. The sandwich is served with a potato salad and orange juice. You can also choose between tea and coffee. This breakfast option will cost you 7 500 FCFA (about 16 CA$).


As an English muffin aficionado, I absolutely enjoyed this sandwich. It’s a perfect mix, and the potato salad is marinated with red-peppers just how I like it. It’s a VERY small portion therefore we opted for an extra chocolate croissant.


The “Formule Melo” which includes a bread and pastry basket, cheese, cold cuts, tea or coffee, orange juice and seasonal fruits might be a better option for our hungry brunch lovers. It will also cost you 7500 FCFA!


In comparison to other brunch options, the price-tag on the “formule anglais” is a little bit over the average. Regardless, my overall experience at Melo was great. If you are in a hurry I recommend the lemon muffin. Best.I.Have.Ever.Had.


Foodfully Yours,


Dakar, Sénégal (Mamelles)
Phone : +221 78 389 19 94