Le Lodge

A Saturday night in Dakar,

At Le Lodge des Almadies

In the busyness of Almadies, we found a quiet table at Le Lodge. Established years ago as a hotel, Le Lodge has a restaurant that offers predominantly French cuisine.


As you walk in the venue, you will be struck by the minimalist decor. Brown and wooden chairs ornate the room and simple white cloths cover diner tables. The main dining room also has a small bar area for those who just wish to have drinks and appetizers. Le Lodge also has a great poolside area where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch at selected hours during the day.

The Menu is definitely the most intriguing part of this quiet restaurant. On one hand you can settle for very traditional French cuisine such as the hot camembert in Armagnac with roasted apple and jambon cru de Bayonne served with green salad. On the other hand, they offer a very unique “Bush Menu” with a variety of selections such as Eland Medallion, Roan Antelope Skewer and Spice-crusted Ostrich steak.

The service is average but still professional.

Traveller’s TIP: Stop by for lunch! They have a lunch Menu at 5000 FCFA (approximately $11 CA – $8 US) Monday to Friday which includes the daily special and a drink.


They offer a menu at 9500 FCFA ($20 CA – $16 US) from 7PM to 10.30PM, you can choose from a selection of starters, main courses and desserts. (Honestly one of the most diverse selection I have seen in a while). For example you can have a Fish Carpaccio trio marinated in wild herbs, Chicken fricassee in aged wine vinegar and Vanilla crème Brûlée for 9500 FCFA 😉


As a starter, we had Fish Carpaccio trio marinated in wild herbs and Beef Carpaccio infused with pesto and parmesan cheese. They are both marinated to perfection, add a little lemon and voila!  It was my first a Carpaccio and I have to say I loved it.


We also tried the Leek and goat cheese tart with green salad, it’s a classic that will not disappoint. The thin crust of the leek tart and the melted goat cheese will conquer most amateur of tart, I highly recommend this as it’s a light starter. However, my personal favourite has to be the beef Carpaccio, the pesto and parmesan cheese combo is legendary.


For the main dish, we had Duck breast honey roasted with sweet potato French fries drizzled in goose fat and roast of lamb shoulder simmered in veal stock, mashed potatoes.

The Duck breast is tender and if you add some of that goose fat sauce on top, it is simply perfect. The sweet potatoes fries are crispy as they always should be, and it is a perfect addition to the meal. A home run for me!


The Lamb shoulder was also very good and tender however the mashed potatoes it comes with makes it a bit bland. I would go for it again only if I had the possibility to swap the mashed potatoes with something else.


For dessert, we had Chocolate Fondant & Chocolate Cake


I highly recommend it for chocolate lovers, you will absolutely love the moist texture of the fondant and the chocolate cake. Served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate, these desserts are decadent!


The Crème Brûlée is also absolutely delicious, the crust on top is hard and the crème underneath is sweet.


Foodfully Yours,


Website:  http://www.lodgedesalmadies.com/
Phone : (+221) 33 869 03 45

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